08 April 2012

Looking for the past

This night i found so many photos from my last year in senior high school. Although my photo itself is really difficult to found. You know, i'm not a typical of narcism person. I hate captured by camera. However, i like to take photo ( so confusing). You can see in here, my House, Mantaray and the captain, Bagas (we called him Daddy).

Mantaray pose in the 1st year. Still cute

My Daddy (Bagas) in nerd version when he performed school drama in art performance last year.

He sang a song on that day, but i can't remember what it was.

See those photos make me stay awake, and this is a good sign. I have to finish 3 article this night. 1 for my competition. 1 for yearbook 2012 project (i'm the leader in here), and the last is for my school newspaper. I hope i can finish all the articles perfectly.

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