26 November 2013

Gloomy Poem

I don't know that I'm able to write a melancholy poem like this one. However, my surprised is not as big as the timing when I found this. You must know that it has been ages that I didn't open my blog for many reasons (the low of internet connection are on the list, and I'm sure I could die because of bored waiting for this page to appear).

This is a poem I wrote a month or so ago when I tried to killing my time. I hope this poem doesn't kill you though.

Gloomy Sunday

The mist shrouded sunday
The sun faded away
As times fly
My friends gone
I left alone

06 November 2013

Prove it!

My friend wrote this on her facebook status. I think it's pretty good so I decide to share it with you guys!

Things happen, whether they are good or bad. When bad things happen to us, we always regret them, wondering what would happen if we had done another way. We couldn't accept them. That's natural and of course, understandable. We are humans, we demand better than what we already have. Things will be worse when ones have done their best, but people around them judge them that they are still not good enough to get what they actually deserve. It hurts, I know. It really does. Feeling not appreciated, in despair, and millions other kind of sad words. But at least, we have done our best. We know that we are better than those judgmental people. We gotta prove that we deserve what we deserve!

04 November 2013

the collywobbles

the collywobbles plural noun UK informal
an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach caused by feelings of nervousness or slight fear

Finally, midterm exam is finished. I really pleased to feel the anxiety in my body melt away in the last day of the exam. My brain was clear, and my hand moved freely answering the essay question in the Religion exam.
My midterm exam started in the October 28th- November 4th. Not too long like when I was in high school, but the sensation was same. I feel the anxiety and my heart beat faster than usual when I faced the exam paper and read the first question. There are voices in my head, can I do this? Are the questions easy? Is the time given enough to answer all the questions? And many more.
However, when I moved to number 5th or so, that feeling slightly disappear, I got my confidence back, I smiled in my heart.

Physics, Chemistry, English, Calculus, Biology, ISBD, and Religion were my midterm exam subjects. I think I did pretty well with Physics and Calculus, at least I think I could get B. While the others I believe I could get A. I know its sound too optimistic, but I had a foresight it’s going to happen. If my prediction fails, I still had a chance to mend it right?