18 Februari 2012

Thanks for Scribd

Scribd is very worth website in my life. I got so many things from here. Especially i can download many documents that i can't find anywhere else except this cool site!
Usually i can find partitur that very difficult to get on the internet. But when i know this kind of website exist, my life and my dream flow easily. You just upload your document and you'll get what you want on there for 24 hours. It's really long time to get anything you want right?
I already download the Only Hope music core and LOTR ost music. It's really interesting and precious thing to collect. Especially if you are the music addict or player like me. Actually i still beginner on this business but once i tasted it, i can't stop. I got Scribd Addicted. Just try once and you will never forget it.

08 Februari 2012

Moonlight and Sun

Here there are many pictures that i captured this day. A moon that sleep in the west and the sun also. Very beautiful I love my dorm!