03 April 2012

Busy With Art

Huh, i'm still working on the Art Exhibition project for the next month. This event really need my concentration all day long. But i'm surprised that i can still write on my blog although the job calling in my head.
In fact, i and my friends have finished our work but we still need to consult it to the advisor, teacher, back again to us, editing, finishing, collecting, back again. We do same activity again and again to make the event perfect as possible.
I just hope that this event will be the great event, because actuallt this is the 2nd event and we planned it we will do it annually as a school event because there is no pensi (pentas seni/art performance stage) in my school although there are so many students waiting for it.
Just hope that i and my friends can make this art exhibition or we called it Spectrum of Art to be a better event than last year!

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