02 Desember 2012

I wanna be creative!

After almost 5 years blogging, I feel that doing something creative stuff through computer is my flaw. Gimana nggak? Dari dulu aku nggak terlalu bisa apa yang namanya CorelDRAW, Photoshop, or anything about that. Sungguh merisaukan sebenarnya, tetapi mau bagaimana lai. Aku harus belajar dari awal lagi kan?
So, I think that it will be better for me to learn CorelDRAW, Photoshop, and many other creative-making stuff this December. I hope it will be exciting and easier since it's include in my school curriculum project for 12th grader. So It will be allright and smooth to run.
Every days when I open a blog on internet, I always feel discriminated and feel weak, useless. My blog compared with another is nothing! My blog contents may be worthier than others (narcism ON), but for the creativity mine is way too far for being magnanimously creative.
So, I think learning for CorelDRAW, and some similar stuff like that will be my priorities this month, or maybe it will be my holidays project, if I dind't have something else to do.
Learning creative-making stuff doesn't mean I'm not creative. In fact, I'm creative enough, but not using Corel, Photoshop, or some stuff like these. Maybe i'll post soe of my works here if I done making it.

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