03 Desember 2012

First day of UAS

First day of UAS always be the hardest day. The subject that tested today was Math and Bahasa. Both of this subject was quite difficult. Not only because of I can't find the true answer easily but for some questions in Bahasa Indonesia, there was clearly no answer.
How could I say something like this? Because this is the fact. I don't lie to you. If you were me, you'll know that I am true for saying this to you. I just can not really understand why in the final exam like this, there was flaws on the questions. You know, If someone read that question, someone more expert in the same thing, maybe he or she will mock the questions maker. I don't mean to be rude, I just being a realistic. On the Bahasa questions, there were five questions that really ambiguous and 4 of them clearly can not be answered. The choices answer were same for the question. Fos the example, there is a question about a good tittle based on EYD (Ejaaan Yang Disempurnakan), but the answer for a, b, c, d, and e are same. How  could you choose the right answer if all of the choices are same and none of it seems right? So I just answer it inconsequently.
mathematic questions were not better that Bahasa Indonesia. As a usual, I always bewildered when facing mathematical question. The strange is, I do like science but I can not do well in math. This is also my educational flaw in my 11 years of formal education. Like in Bahasa Indonesia question, I got unconvinced answer. I hope this is true answer!
All the things became complicated because, in the night before the test day, I was sitting on my seat in front of my laptop trying to finished my article for Pertamina Blog competition and didn't studying untill late of night. I know I should fouce on my exams. Yah, consequently  my blog project will be delayed.
Why I'm so adamant about this project, because I always wanted this (the price is really worth) and I feel there is a force that asked me to take this chance.  So, just pray for me for my exams and blog project!.

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