12 Desember 2012

2012 -The Hardest Year of My Life

There is alwyas differences between one year with another. Sometimes its feel so hard, like we can not barely faced it. Perhaps its really easy and full of stars glittering our day. However, whatever the year is felt from one to another person, for me, 2012 is the hardest year. It's not because of everybody talked that this year the world will ended. No, it's not like that. I feel it hard becuase everything that I tried seems so failed in everything. Academically or non academics.
Oh wait! Let me think first. Not a whole year of 2012 is difficult for me. It just this recent month started with LKIR LIPI 2012 that I failed. I tried the best in that months when everyday I went to University of Brawijaya to conduct my research in Medical Faculty. I back and forth from university library to the farmacology laboratory, and then come back to school, doing homework, exams, come back again to university to do some business with administrator or to discuss my research with lecturer on there. It was an enchanting month and really exhausting.
First, everything seems to be perfect. I'm on schedule! Hurray! But, the things changes when I can't meet the deadline for LKIR LIPI 2012. My research h`ven't finished yet. I try to positive thinking. I talked to my partner that we have a choice. Continue this reasearch and join for LKIR LIPI selection for Intel ISEF competition or we can join another science paper competition or simply we stopped this research and come back to our dailiy routine. We choose to continue. We do everything that we could do. However, no matter how hard we try, our experiment failed. We can still continue it, but we should buy the STZ for induce the mice to suffer diabetic which cost one million rupiah. So, after pondering this case, we put our hands off from this research, but we still hopes that we can continue it someday in university.
In another month, I included in SAT candidates. I was really happy to be part of this great group. I met my tutors, Kak Sandy and Keith and they were really nice to everybody. They can act like our brother and teacher at same time. So, we really happy, especially girls, with their georgious faces and angelic behaviour, who can resist it? even some of my guyfriends "like" them.
All the things were messed up when met my scores in daily school. It seems like my score is really bad compared with others. I got 56 in my favorite lesson, which is biology. I got remedial in all of my subjects, especially sciences. I don't know why and it make me feel so frustated to know it. I never feel it before. I always passed my exam, maybe i do not pass in math and physic, but just that! Not all..
I just hope that everything will be allright next year. It seems like 2013 will be my best year! I just hope and pray that it can be true.

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