16 Juli 2013


Here I come again, talking about university enrollment and how hard it is to get cheap but high quality education in Indonesia. If you were student like me, I think you can imagine my miserable life in this case.
I was born in farmer family, and for 14 years I always happy. Because, whatever season, I can easily eat. I don’t think about fashion, higher education, and anything related about the future. Simply, I enjoy my life at that time.
When I grown up, I start to feel worry about my look. Why there is acnes in my face? Why I am like this, why I can be like that? You know how it goes, I start to seek who really I am. What was my thing and what was not. Another anxious looks added to my face and became burdened in my thought, higher education.
At first, getting quality education is easy. Just get yourself in to favorite school, and you have granted that you will get the favorite university and plus scholarship. But I was wrong all a long (or it is about the wrong system rooted in Indonesian education, I don’t know). Although I was accepted in the best senior high school, it didn’t grant me the favorite university at my hand. In fact, I failed and now I wonder where I should go when the admission fee haunted me.
I never think that my family is poor. However, after I graduated high school and have difficulties in paying the high admission fee set up by the university make me realize that my plan to get higher education threatened.  This is only the admission fee, how about the tuition fee, living cost, and additional cost for something? Do I have money to pay it? The answer is NO, I don’t.
Actually when I took my university test last month, I believe that I can get Bidik Misi Scholarship, therefore I can get free tuition fee and living cost. That only chance is failed and now I am confused where to go and what should I do to overcome this situation. I am anxious all the time.
The positive thing is, I still have a chance left to get high education in UGM, since I sign up for PBUTM program, sort of program that give free tuition fee for student from middle and lower income family. I wish I could get this scholarship. If not, I don’t know what to do and where to go.
So please, God Almighty, let me accepted in UGM through this PBUTM way. I need it. Really need this scholarship to save my future so I can help others to believe in Your power.

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