11 Desember 2010

Half way Pass The Exam

Owh God! thanks it's friday. This is one of the most popular proverb in my school. Absolutely yes! because every monday until friday I go to school and back to the dorm at 4.30 pm. Certainly, we always get a many assignment and homework. So tired!
And this week until next week i get a examination. I a so be grateful because i passed half of my exam. Hore!
Unfortunately, maybe i get a bad mark in math. Because i didn't careful when do the math exam. Although it's easier than middle test. Huh... But i'm sure i can get the best mar ini Biology and Physic. I also hope can get the best mark in Chemistry, ICT, and Bussiness Studies. Wish me luck!
This is my pure exam i ever do. In junior highscool, i still can ask my friends when i get an exam. I can cheating. But in here, it's very very pure. Ha... ha... ha...
Yeah, actually i don't know my mark. My old mark around 60, 50, yah just like this. But i'm honest when i do this. So, why i must scared?

Hope you can read this. I know my grammar is bad

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