09 Juli 2012

First Day of School

Finally, I'm here stuck with super students from my school. I like my former class, XI Sc 5. Unfortunately, the teachers change the classes. They arranged it again. So, I was moved to the XI Sc 2.
In this class, I met so many good students. Almost all of the super students gathered here. I asked to myself. How could I moved here? Why?
I miss my old class, I miss Sci-Fi. But I have to move on and accept this changing. The positive side being move is I can learn better here academically of course. Moreover, this is the last year for me to be here so I have to study hard to face the national exam and SNMPTN, but I hope I better take SAT and get univeristy abroad than here. But I don't know wither. 
The most important thing is, whatever classes are, I'm still with my family.

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