30 Juli 2012

Fight for SAT, TOEFL IBT and AS/A Level Studies

Thanks God! That was the only word I can say at that time when we are gathering in Mercusuar Hall to hear the announcement about universities. So the school has two programs, first regular program to study in Indonesian university, and second is study overseas. I always want to study overseas, so when I hear the announcement I was so glad I’m included in the 36 student candidates.
Those 36 students are selected to join SAT, TOEFL IBT, and AS/A level studies about Mathematic, Chemistry, Physic, and Humanities subject like Global Perspective. However, there are so many students want to take AS/A level Biology, including me.
Actually the school recommended me to take Global Perspective subject because I’m good in science and social, but I really want to take the biology subject because I want to take biotechnology major in university later on. So I discussed with the teacher and my friends and they were agree to accept us take Biology subject, but the school will not provide a teacher for that subject because they don’t have the qualified one to teach us deeply about Biology concepts. So, we decided to study by ourselves and study in group peer to peer or study from internet (we found a good channel in youtube about biology).
For the SAT and TOEFL IBT, of course each of us should learn by ourselves, although school will provide us course to study SAT and TOEFL. I just thinking that will not be enough to study and mastering SAT and TOEFL if we don’t study hard. So, because of I decided to study in overseas, I vow to myself that I’ll fight and study hard to get high score in SAT, AS/A Level Biology and Global Perspective, and TOEFL IBT. Just pray for me and my friend guys! Wish me luck!

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