25 Agustus 2012

Just Hit The Book!

Yay! My SAT book finally arrived in dorm. It because of university preparation that made me bought this expensive book. But I think it’s okay because I will use it to gain my success in my own right?
So actually I’m included in 36 students selected for study overseas. I was very happy at that moment but when it comes to the preparation I’m little worried to compete with others. You know, the school will do selection again to get 20 students (If I’m not mistaken) ready to go overseas. So, they will test us with the SAT, TOEFL, A level, and of course we should passed the national exam first. This will be a long and rough journey. But it’s worth.
Since I really want to go to the overseas, I will take this chance and fight for this. I know that I’m not smart enough compared to my friends like Jaya, Bimly, Aji, and others. But I think I have spirit and blessing from my parents and teachers so I think I can. You know that the most important thing is the spirit from yourself. Isn’t it?
In this holiday, I have already search the info, tips, and anything about SAT and A level. I also have the books, so it will be better if I can start from now on. If it’s not, I will be kicked up from this group. Just study hard and pray more!.
Btw, this is the picture from the SAT. I bought this from EduHouse Surabaya. I know this from Toko Bagus and I got discount! So it’s really cheap just Rp 260.000 plus delivery fee from Surabaya to Malang.

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