04 Agustus 2012

Al Little Bit Worried

How's your feeling when you know that your research must be finish in one month later and you still don't do anything? I mean you haven's start your research yet. You just do the administration thing and do nothing. This is what happen in me RIGHT NOW!.
Any suggestion to make be better? I don't now what should I do with this all crap and confuse thing in my life. I can't blame anyone and school or something. I just worried about my research. How if i can finish it? How if there are more bigger problem facing me in the future? How if I can reach my dream? I really scared and I just want to cry to my Mom and tell that I can't hold it any longer.
However, I'm a boy. I'm not a little kid anymore so I should be stronger than before. If this is my dream, I should fight for it. Isn't it true? I should make a plan to arrange this short time can be useful for my team. So rather than crying and blaming others i should think carefully and be proactive to use this time effectively. 
I've been struggling for so long time and I just feel that I really want to give up. But I will not giving up in this challenge. I should be strong, I WILL FIGHT FOR MY DREAM, because IF I BELIEVE I CAN, I CAN!. Just pray for my team so God can give us a big big appreciation and realize my team dream.

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