22 Oktober 2010

Oh No.... My Mark

Owh... it's miserable. This is beast mark i ever had. Stupid!
Seharusnya, aku bisa dapaet lebih daripada yang ini, tapi... Math got D, Dreadful, although in other lesson i got C, B, A, and A*. It's complete to collect. great!
Yeah, bentar lagi rapotan juga. This is the advantage, when you live far from your parents. They will not press you. You don't know their angry... Ha..ha..ha...
But, my mark in this school, has been sent to my parents. And maybe, somedays later... they will call me and breaking out in handphone.
Maybe my parents angry with me. But they must know, this is my pure exam i ever do.

Yah,... i'm still waiting my real score.

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