23 Februari 2013

Feel The Feeling

I have a compunction about letting my blog empty for several days. I've been busy this week with bunch of assignments from teacher awaiting to finish. Besides of that, the SAT results that come up last week also distract my days little bit.
Just say honestly, when you have a high hopes and then you can not reach that hope, how do you feel? Sad right? That also happen to me when I read the announcement on 14th February (It supposed to be a love day, but it didn't happen for me), I just laugh at my screen, my SAT score was 1130, 100 minus from my expected score. So, my dream to study in the USA is nearly finished. However, a magic happen few days ago when Mr. Daryl came to my school, giving announcement about the SAT.
I still have a chance to go, but it might be difficult. I was relieved at that time when I know this. I still have a hope, but I should acquiesce my chance to join Invitation program  from local university. Invitation program is an admission program when the student can choose their major without test, it basic on academic excellence through high school or achievements. 
I just want you guys to pray for me. I do hope that I still can go to USA so then I can go to the UK and then I can be really happy because I can reach my dream. Please please please

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