23 Maret 2012

Pulpen Muda win in 2nd place!

Finally, there is a happy moment in this day after my Mantaray house been defeated by Dolphin in all competition. So, actually today we have a traditional competition between house in my school. I don't know why we always meet with Dolphin house and we ALWAYS loose. Oh, God! It's so lame.
I remember about my journalist blog competition. Unconsciously deep ion my heart i believe that i'll be the winner of the competition, and here i am! Sitting in front of laptop with a heart full of happiness typing my feeling in this blog!.
Actually this competition was a team competition. So, my team we called us Hanacaraka, a name of javanish alphabet try to make a blog to join in this competition. and we made it! I'm so very happy and thanks to God who make this. Thanks to my team that already work hard. Thanks to my friends and everyone.

PS: if you want to see our blog just click on the picture above!

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