26 Maret 2012

Catch the second chance

So what if i failed to join National Biology Olympiad? Yeah, this is what happen to me this day. After positively believe that i can join or at least i can feel the sweat of joining biology olympiad i see the result. Oh my God! I'm in the 5 position from the lower rank.
Never mind i think. In fact, i just trying to join. The most important thing is i like biology but it doesn't matter if i failed to join the biology olympiad this year. By the join the biology olympiad, i can have a reason to study biology harder than before. I have a plan to enter biotechnology faculty in my university so i have to study harder from now.
Oh, almost forgot this! I hope i can study in America. Tomorrow i'll go to Surabaya to attend the USA Education Fair held by US Embassy. I hope from that experience i can gain many information that i and my friend need to go there. I hope also my knowledge that i gained from learning the biology will not disappear.

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