18 Maret 2012

My New Collection Book!

Huargh... finally woke up!

Actually i want to write this a week ago, but the time give me chance today (thanks God, this is sunday). As a dormitory student there is no doubt that i have abunch of acitvity that must be finish as soon as possible like washing my dirty clothes, and do my homewrok, and of course, read a book for my brain nutrition.
I like a book so much and this is the best way to spend my money in. Precious book with good story is very delicious meal that must be eat everyday. Unfortunately, my time is limited. I don't have a much leasure time to do something enjoyable. What can i do is, make my boring activities become good and alluring.
So, i got 3 books in this month, i spend Rp 100,000 to get this. You know i spend all my money on these books. The books are The Historian, an english version of Sang Sejarawan (the tittle in bahasa), Farewell for Death (my friend book), and the last is a book about violin tittled Cara Instan Jago Biola.
The book that i love most is The Historian. Why? Because this is an english version. I like to collect and english books, and this is very cheap english book that i got in Togamas Malang. Thanks to Togamas who displayd this book on their shelves. I bought this book only Rp 47.500, very cheap huh? Compared with the new one, this is very cheap book and i love love love it!. This book wrote by Elizabeth Kostova, tell about an adventure of a teenager who look for her father that missing through glorious city in Europe. Beside of that, this book tell about Dracula, who have original name Vlad Tepes, a cruel man who killed sp many his people for entertainment. You'll found that this is very heartbeathing book when you open the first page. I already read the indonesian version and now, trying to finish the english version.
The other book is Farewell for Death and indonesian book wrote by my friend, Fajar Kusumaning Ayu. She is very deserved to get get her book published!. I attended the Book Launching on Togamas and it was very full of her and my friend because we school in same school, SMAN 10 Malang. The book is very anusual teenager story about mafia. The main actor named Neo and Jenita found themself in a conflict of mafia that make them must fight to survive. I haven't read it all and i hope i can finish it quickly.
Those all my new book, i believe you don't want to read the Cara Instan Main Biola, it just teach the basic that i already know, but some of it is very worth knowledge. I really want to get the good violin book.

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