02 Januari 2014

UAP Fisika

So, today is the physic labs exam which is relatively difficult thatn the other subjects like biology or chemistry. What's more thing that make this exam difficult is that it was held in my sleeping time. At noon. Precisely at 12 am. No wonder when I think about the answer I always think about going to sleep first than answeing the questions.
Don't worry, I did not sleep on my exam and I fill out all the answer sheet, who cares wether it's ringt or wrong. I only have 55 minutes to answer 35 questions. So basically we have more one minute time to answer. However, with the situation so unconditional makes me think hard and my brain work really slow and I feel I have a migrain because of the questions.
Really, anyone who says the questions are easy, if not really smart is really life in imagination. It's fucking hard questions, so tricky and most of all is full of engineering terms that sometimes is really slow to proceed in my sleepy brain.
However, I've done my best and I think I still could get A from this. Say I'm too positive. No! I'm just being realist.

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