26 Desember 2011

Making Good Diary

Long long ago, many people will make diary start it with, Dear Diary... Now, that words is nt popular again since it'e look like old and not creative. So, what makes diary is good and bad?

Let's check this out!


1. There is date on the diary

If you write a diary, yu must state clearly when you write down the event happen

2. Formula 5W+1H must included!

Who said that the 5W+1H formula nly for journalistic? This is very pupular and effective to write something.

3. Giving images

If you like photgraphy, give yur writing a picture of you. This is very great idea and really make senses if you read your diary again and the importance, your diary will not bored t read.

4. Giving how do yu feel?

It's very important to write how do yu feel when you write down the diary or jurna. So, the person wh read your diary will know what's your feeling.

5. Immediately write it!

If you want t write the diary, write it now! Don't wait until you forget. Because if you don't write it immediately, you will lose your feel and it wil make you lazy and your writing will influences by others event.

This is nly a smal tips for you, the important thing if you write down a diary, write it with your feeling.

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