18 Desember 2011

Knock On The Night

This is my story for ESL (English as a Second Language) enrichment. I Know, this is "geje" worse story because i justa have a time to write it in one day. The most difficult part of course when the teacher ask us (me and my friends to insert a sentence I know now, that everyone needs to see somebody else’s limitations". Although i can make a story about disabled people who always teased by others. It will be more worth and have higher mark than about girl and rich woman. If you curious about my story, just check this out.

Knock On The Night

The lightning strikes in the snowy night when the sound of knocking the door disturbing the girl’s night sleep. “Who’s there?”, the girl’’s voice trembling of fear. She remembered her Mom’s advice, do not open the door to unknown people in the night. But she was curious the see the people.

So, She grabbed her coat as she walked to the window beside the door. Carefully, she peered the window. She is the rich women, she thought. At a second, she hestitated wheteher opening the door or not. But she decided to open it. “Maybe she need a help”, she muttered to convince herself.

“Oh dear, thank you, thank you so much to opened it”, the rich women happily enter the house. “You know, i already knocked 5 doors house to seek a help, but only you who opened it”, she talked when she sit on the chair.

“Tea, Mrs. Glady?” offer the girl.

“No, thank you, i just wan to borrow your home phone”, She sighed. “Mine is broken and the technicians will come this Sunday, i can’t wait for three days, this is very important”, She added.

“Of course you may Ma’m” She showed the location of the phone “Here you are”.

While looking at her, the girls thought. I know now, that everyone needs to see somebody else’s limitations. Because there is no one perfect in this world, and when we think they’re perfect, we will be selfish human.

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