23 Februari 2014

Holiday Season Ends

I think, today is the end of my holiday. I officially declare that my holiday is over. Although actually I still have one week to go before the new semester begin. However, I feel like that week will be full of activities, mainly preparing the new semester. Like shopping stationary, reading a bit a bout the new courses (If I had time and willingness), doing some projects for penalaran and I think some competition to wrap up, and of course, violin practices.
It sounds very busy, trust me! Maybe just some of these activities will really happened, the rest, maybe will be eat by my procrastinate behavior. Of course I don't want that to happen. I just say it honestly so you don't think like I am a typical guy who spend my time studying and doing something serious. No, I am a total slob. Trust me on it!
My wish for this new semester just one. Better time management, just it.
Well, wish me luck!

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