20 Februari 2014


enlightenment /ɪnˈlaɪ.t ə n.mənt/ /-t ̬ ə n-/ noun [ U ]
1. the state of understanding something
Can you give me any enlightenment on what happened? 

So, this evening i just realize that i never know where i am heading. I know what's my goal and so on. But, is this a true way to reach those goals?
I don't know if any students in freshmen year think about this. I guest my friends will think the same since we have same education and probably same values in reaching dreams and sort of that things.
I didn't know whati'm thinking actually when I choose Biomedical engineering. Ok, when i as a child i dreamed about being aa doctor. Butthen i dreamed about being a tecaher in my elementary school, then in junior high i did not know my dreams. In high school, i just didiot know what's my dream, but I know what i wantt o do with my life.
I love science. Really love it. 
Actually i want tio have a degree in something that goes to ways. Something that combined natural science and social science. Then I want to choose bioengineering because i like biotechnology. The thing is, i don't know if now i'm majoring in Biomedical engineeringan d still, i don't know where i am heading with this major.
Should i change major? In indonesia it's not easy. We should begin again.
The poin is, i love science and i love biology. I will stay with BME then with time passing by, I think I will now my dreams about my major.

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