05 Februari 2014

Exhaustingly happy

Today is my busiest day in this holiday season. I don't have any exact job like I used to when I'm on campus, studying (of course). In my holiday, I just read books, a lot, and sleep.
Well, today is my changing day as i walk out from my house with my violin in my hands and my ipad in my bag, heading to railway station as I will got o Surabaya to sign same papera nd orchestra rehearsal for senior graduation.
It was awesosme journey. Bringing my iPad is my best decision, because while I'm on the way, just sit for more than three hours, I could read some news from The Jakarta Post, read novels, and enjoying music from itunes.
Well, after the joy on the way, my skills in violin really challenged by the difficulties of our play, as we want to play Just the way you Are, the famous song from Bruno mars. Sitting and learning with new friends, trying to harmonize the voices of our instruments was really breathtaking experience yet very challenging.
I can not wait another Wednesday, although I should directly went home after that and of course, feeling absolutely exhausted, I can not hide my smile because I learn more from Airlangga Orchestra.

Kediri, on my way to my home.

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