28 Desember 2013


ferment /ˈː.ment/ /ˈː-/ noun [ U ] literary
a state of confusion, change, and lack of order or fighting 

Seriously, I feel like a crazy person these days. How it could be like that? Because when I opened my browser, I always stuck in tokobagus.com or another online shop and start looking for gadget that I want, mainly an iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, or Samsung products. This is terrible, because I lost my focus on my assignment.
I feel really bad, but I can't help it. My mind always say that I need to have a new gadget in this early 2014 again and again although I still doesn't have enough money for it. I'm still saving my money and I've looking for new gadgets? It sounds pretty dumb. It's true, but looking for appropriate gadget that match with my budget become my ambition this week.
My plan is to buy 2 gadget, an iPad and a smartphone. However, I'm still researching the best gadgets for me and always deciding the economical side of the gadget. I really need a smartphone, because it could help me in my study and my activities. I'm a chief division of Penalaran Information Center right now and I need a smartphone to connect me with another person. If I use my old cell phone, I will be left behind by others.
The problem is, my ambition turned out to be a dagger at me. I spend my time mostly in front of my computer and searching about the gadgets that possibly I'm not able to buy it. I have assignment that I forgot because of this useless activity. But as I said, I can't help it. I wish I could buy it right now and this ambition will not gone further.

Just wish me luck, I'll have what I want and can focus again on my task.

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