18 Desember 2013


I have a natural vibrato technique when I play violin in front of people.

Today Airlangga Orchestra team gathered to have placement test for violin players in Orchestra. The committee will select who will play in violin I, II, or III.
I think the selection will be deadly serious. I was wrong, it was really fun. I met many students and friends from different faculties in Airlangga University and they are awesome! I met a girl named Nizma and she is really talented violin player. Now she is in 5th volume of Suzuki Violin method. When she play a song, wow. I could not describe it. I'm really envy her and desperately wanted to be proficient like her.
The placement test itself very short and to the point. We just play a harmonic sound first, then we play a song from our selection then we play a song from suzuki book randomly.
I was really nervous because of I never really play something in front of people before.
When it finished,the committee announce it and I play for violin III, because I'm still beginner on it. It doesn't matter. I could learn again and again right?
The most important thing is that I will take a violin course in January next year so I could play like a pro faster. Wish me luck!

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