31 Mei 2013

Sampoerna Academy Graduation!

Sampoerna Academy Graduation Ceremony, Graha Cakrawala, 30th May 2013

Oh, graduation. It feels like my journey in high school is end, but not really end. When I think back, this graduation is just the start of higher and more difficult journey that are waiting for me and my friends.
This year graduation is different like a year ago. This time, I don't know how to explain, but it feels like something missing. The plus point from this year is that the building that we used is bigger than the last year and of course the school need more money for it. However, who cares about school's money? Isn't it?.
The most important things are, I finally graduate! I'm Alumni right now. Second, I have chance to wear this precious graduation robe and toga! What amazing feeling, it feels like Harry Potter! Third, I can met my friends, and we took pictures a lot. I also met my parents and took picture with them.
Huh, I'm so happy and I can not wait the big journey that wait for me in this upcoming months.

I, and my house-mate. From left to right; Teddy, Pak Pet, Me!, Citra, Almira, Vita, Bagas, and Sari

Happy smile!

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