22 November 2012

Try Out 1 UNAS

Wa... this is the first time for me to take the try out for nationa examination, and the questions is bloody hell hard. Moreover, I had one month free KTSP lesson, because of the SAT preparation. So, when I come back to my class, "What the hell this lesson about?".
Then, on 19 November until 21 November I got my first try out exam, which is actually the third exam for the other students. This was all happened because I and my friends who got the SAT prep were focusing in SAT, and the academic staff allowed us not to join it, so it was fine, laughing in SAT class while the others think hardly about the answer of the questions.
The schedule for the first day were Bahasa Indonesia and Biology which medium, still opening. Then the second day were Mathmeatic and Physic (the hardest ever), and as a closing, English and Chemistry. Guess what? I've known some of my mark for the test. Here the are

                                   Bahasa Indonesia : 74

            Biology : 76                     Physic: 57.5

                            Mathematic: ???

                                          Chemistry: ???

I hope my other marks are fine and have minimum score 7 at least, but who knows? I just can pray. I've done the best that I could at that time, and let the God do the rest. Right?

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