15 November 2012

SAT Farewell Party, Rising hopes to the Sky

Ha.. . this thing originally made by me and of course i got help from many friends
November 8th 2012 will stick on the memories of SAT students, because on that date they held farewell party to celebrate their togetherness and bittersweet events that colored their days. This idea came from some students and when they all agreed to make it happened, everything was just like a firework. Everybody try to lend their hand as a dancer, singer, even as a cook. As a result, this event was successfully memorable and amazing.
Started at 7 pm everybody went to Mercusuar building disguised that they were having something different, like Virgi did, “I dressed like I want to studying TOEFL iBT at that time, because Keith and Kak Sandy room’s were on third floor like mine, so it was very important to acted like we didn’t have something surprised for them”. Actually this not only happened to Virgi, but everybody in charge should do the same, like Karlita, Nain, Pusakha, and many others did.
First of all, there were two people in charge to ask Keith and Kak Sandy to come to Mercusuar. They convinced them it was a TOEFL business, in fact something surprised waiting for them. As they arrived in Mercusuar, the sound of Beraksi song filled the air, broke the silent. Then, many SAT students burst from the Music Room door bring along with them a candle on each student hand. Everybody can see amazed expression from Keith and Kak Sandy as they walked lightly surrounded them with smile. Moreover, Miss Novi (a PSF and TOEFL iBT teacher) seem surprised also. It was a successful moment.
serious faces over the candles
After a little surprise that seem so long, another surprised waiting. The candles off dramatically when the students turned their back on from Keith, Kak Sandy, and Miss Novi. On the darkness, the dancers who were Palembang students came and did some wonderful movements about how everybody struggling about the SAT. After a breathtaking moment was over, the light turn on and What Makes You Beautiful song from One Direction turned them to move as the dancers move cheerfully.
Midi in action
 Then it came to speech. First speech was Sakha, SAT students called him Papa, start to talk about everything, the preparation of this event, how they felt in one month, and the bittersweet memories that comes along with them. Kak Sandy and Keith speech almost same, they expressed how SAT students really make them proud and happy.
from left to rgiht, Keith, Miss Novi, and Kak Sandy
The events reach the peak when Keith, Kak Sandy, and the students sing one by one. Everybody was screaming and happy. They scream louder when it comes to Truth and Dare games that committee prepared only for Keith and Kak Sandy. Many secrets revealed, their favorite students, the funniest moment on dormitory, even the Keith first love. As the night crawled, the party went wild. Mob dancing and games was the most favorite thing on that party.
This is how we ended the story
To end this farewell party, everybody went out from Mercusuar and write down their hopes and their gratitude toward Keith and Kak Sandy in a piece of paper that put it in on a capsule. Then they made a circle with Keith and Kaka Sandy as a centre. Once again Sakha as a representative from SAT students delivered a speech about how their impression about Keith, Kak Sandy, and their moment together were. Keith and Kak Sandy also did the same. Then the SAT students gave them a gift contained a shirt with their faced drawn on it. That was a remarkable moment. To end that party, they lighten up a firework and doing tossed, rising hopes to the sky that they will be succeed together, no matter what. (naf)

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