05 Maret 2011

Incredible Night

This night was incredible night for me. Because my house, Mantaray got "The Extra Ordinary House" in movie night. woo... unpredictable. Ithought my house will be an usual house, but in this chance, we prepare it well.
The theme from House Dove is Spectrum in White, but we define it as a "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" or the means is, although we are differet, we are one. So, my house wear pakaian adat from all across indonesia. I wore Borneo Clothes, i made it from cupboard. very simple but nice.
The Movie night run good and the movie was interesting. The tittle is Despicaple Man. Very fun and crazy but still have moral value.
At about 10.00 pm, we go back to our room,the movie night is end. I just hope on my house movie night, we can make it good. I'm sleepy and tomorrow i'll join MacCase in Machung University, please pray for me!

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