13 Maret 2011

Am I Spendthrift?

This feeling haunt me. Why? Because if i have a lot of money, i always bought many things. Especially books. Although sometimes i bought clothes, jacket, shoes, watch, or any else. But, really, this behave out of my mind. I can't control that. Especially when i see books. It's look like when i see delicious ice cream. Yeah, books is my food.
March maybe the lucky months for me. I got 500.000 from competition and i use it to buy many things. I already use it to buy
1. books. Rp. 90.000
2. Watch Rp. 70.000
3. Mp3 Player Rp. 250.000
4. Others Rp. 50.000
All of that spend Rp. 410.000.
Whereas i want to save it. Huh...

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