26 November 2009



One night, Grady pierce goes to the tavern. The tavern is filled with ghost that night. But Grady does not much care as long as the bartender keeps pouring the drinks. He sits alone without any people around him. No one he knows. Another visitor does not care each others. They just want to drink that night, so does Grady. Fifteen minutes later, someone touch him, he is Aaron noel. The man who always take Grady up to his home when he was drunk.
That night Grady does not want Aaron to take him up. Because he feels that he can go home by himself. Grady is in tavern for enough time, the bartender drops the bill beside his glass. It is mean that Grady should go home now. After paying, Grady stands up, step outside and laughing loudly.
He starts to walk to go home. He mutters as long as street. Suddenly he pauses at the curb. Then crosses over and moved on up the street. He goes to the close shops. He feels miserable tonight. He feels there is someone behind him, someone stare at him. He shouts but no one answer, just breeze makes him narrow his eyes. He sees something move at the mouth of s narrow alley about thirty feet back. He shouts again, but no one answer.
He continues his step. Suddenly he stops and heard the breathing. He looks around, but no one there. Grady shouts again many times, someone answer very quiet. Directly, Grady feels the fire around his neck, and the warmth flowing over his chest. He sees the face of the thing that had killed him.
In another place, exactly in the Jefferson memorial, Fox mulder, one of agent FBI prefers this place when he wants time to think. When he eats his sandwich and a plastic cup of soda just about empty, he sees a tall man, Hank webber comes to him and they smile each others. Webber comes to ask about the case that has to solve. That is HELEVITO case. The case is about murder.
Actually Mulder is not in his duty, he is taking his vacation. But the case needs to be solved to avoid more victims. This murder is not caused by people but by something invisible and Mulder is expert in. For the first time he refuses it. But Webber tries to make sure him to take this duty. Finally Mulder agrees to do it.
In another day, there is someone, Corporal frank ulman goes to the tavern. He is drunk. When he wants to go home, he lays down until someone drop in to the hospital. He drink too much.
In the morning, he feels need to get fresh air. He decides to walk around hospital. He walks from corridor to corridor but no one there and heard nothing. He comes in one long and quiet corridor. In the end of corridor he sees a strange woman. He calls that woman but she does not answer and the woman’s face disappear suddenly.
One day, Fox mulder goes to the basement of the J. Edgar Hoover building to discuss his job, that is about HELEVITO, an invisible case. A few minutes later, Barreli and Arlen Douglas, Mulder’s friends come in. When they are discussing about the case and about the witness of murder, Hank come in. They are one team to solve HELEVITO case. The team actually less one person, Dana Scully, she is in her vacation. A half hour later, they are very surprised, because Dana Scully already stands up at the threshold. Dana comes back early from her vacation. They shake hand each others. And then the telephone is ringing, Mulder’s boss is calling. He has to go to meet the boss.
The next day, Mulder and Douglas try to seek witness. They go to one of tavern. Over there, they meet Rosemary, she is witness of Grady death. They ask her about what she saw that night. But she is pretend knowing nothing, she says that she know nothing. She looks frightened and directly goes away from them.
Because they do not get any information, they decide to go out from that tavern. When they in valley, they see the tweed man. Mulder is suspicious, he calls that man. But after that man heard someone call him, he is gone. And then they decide to come back to the office.
When arriving in the office, Scully is already waiting for them. Dana tells that she receive package from FBI headquarters. The package is gun for HELEVITO case. They feel confused about that case. Because they did not get any witness yet. They feel so tired that day, so they decide to go home and continue tomorrow.
Mulder gets home very late. He directly goes to sleep. In his sleep he gets a strange dream. In his dream, he sees a bright light in his home, fire around his body, and a few minutes his house is exploded. He sees a black man stands of in front of his house and bring a gun. He wakes up directly.
In the morning Mulder goes to the office. He meets Dana and tells about his dream last night. Dana says, maybe this is a key to solve that case, this prove that an invisible man is real, and do not worry, we have a good gun for force that man.
At that day, Mulder, Dana, Andrews, and Webber go to marville town to finish HELEVITO case. For the first time, they visit Hawk, the owner of tavern in that town. They ask about what happen here. Because the town very quiet and lonely. Hawk tells that after Grady death, the town very quiet. Everybody frightened to go out from their home. There is an invisible man who makes trouble. But no one knows exactly who is he. When Hawk is telling, Dana takes a piece of paper near her, this says GOBLIN, the name of ghost in this town.
They decide to walk around that town and invite Hawk to look for and finish the GOBLIN. As long as the street they see nothing. It is very quiet place. Somebody died here. Some poor guy bled to death here. Hawk tells that Grady was found there, a couple of feet in, sitting against the wall. Even with the rain, it like he took a shower in his own blood. It is unthinkable concept. Mulder suggest to meet Elly Lang, she is spiritual woman who has this theory.
They visit Elly lang. They can meet Elly in the first floor queen apartment. Mulder comes in the room and the others waiting outside. Mulder ask to Miss Elly about goblin. Miss Elly invites Mulder to know about goblin in daydream. They close their eyes. Miss Elly tells that Goblin lives in the woods, her voice was low, harsh, the rasp of a childhood Halloween witch. And then they open their eyes. Mulder asks about the night Grady pierce died. Grady was died because he never listen Elly’s advice. Elly advices him to avoid profanity when he met Goblin and do not go out when Goblin appeared. But Grady never listen her advice. And the result Grady was killed.
While waiting Mulder talk with Elly, Dana and friends waiting out of the room. Dana looks at the quiet corridor, she sees Grady walk away in corridor. She is surprised. When Mulder finish and go out, Dana tells what she sees last time. Directly, they ask to Elly. Elly tells that Goblin is coming. Mulder asks how Goblin is. Goblin is black. It has no color at all. They have to be careful with Goblin. Because it is not real but invisible.
Major Joseph Tonero is one of member FBI who does not believe with ghost. When he goes to California, he met Rosemary. She was witness of Goblin. She ever knew Goblin killed man. When Joseph and Rose enter to an apartment, he saw something in the corridor. He knew someone in black cloth. He walked to them. Rose looked frightened. She spoke in muttered voice, Goblin is coming. They have to run out and save themselves from Goblin. After that event, Joseph has just believed that Goblin is real.

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