24 Maret 2013

PTS course

I just need to add some reminder to write something about what I did in my PTS course on Sunday, 23 March 2013.

08 Maret 2013

SAT Math- Wondered

I just wondered why on earth mathematics always being the bugaboo for many students. For the REAL example is me. Like I was doing in SAT, I only can earn score 600 while my friends got it over 700. I'm really envy by their smart brain. Something that shocked me much is the fact that this 'hard' feel is not my own problem.
Look at the question in the picture. This question is not hard at all. It's easy, you just need to remember what the gradient is and how to calculate it. However, in here, 41% from around 18,000 students are RIGHT in doing this. Such a small number compared with one who made a mistake. It can be me who stuck in the 41% or it might be you. 
The only thing that we need in doing such question is carefulness and thinking creatively. 

04 Maret 2013

February The Blue

In this blue month, (don't ask me why I called February as blue, maybe I'll explain it later in my another post). I have many activities, dominant by exams for entire weeks.


In this month, I had Practical examination  for Biology, Chemistry, and Physic which was held in laboratory. Basically, we did some experiment to prove some theory or we just did it because the teacher want us remember the material by doing something, not reading it from the books.
This exam held on 9th February for Physic and Chemistry then 16th February for Biology.
Physic experiment was hard, I did it not perfectly because I forgot about the law in lens. Yup, I got the lens experiment, about the objective lens, ocular lens, and made a graph from it. I just awfully made the graph and did not succeed for it, whatever.
Contradictory with Physic, Chemistry experiment surprisingly easier and relaxing. I got an experiment about acid and base and the major concern is accuracy for the data. Moreover, I can ask some questions to the teacher about my experiment. 
Biology experiment was quite challenging because I never did it before. Photosynthesis experiment using an algae and beaker glass, and some substance which I forget by now. This experiment was full of waiting, because I need to put the plant in direct light and observed it. Beside doing that thing, I also observed some cells through microscope which is compulsory to each student. I did best in this experiment (I thought).

15th February

Actually, this day is the deadline for the overseas application to US university. However, since I did not passed the standard score for the SAT, 1200, I can not continue my apps. But, I hope I still can go to US, maybe college or even university itself, if some miracles happened. Just pray for me.

TO again

Finally, the second TO was finished and I know how bad my score is right now. I totally mortified my my lack of effort and laziness to do best in this second war of words. This TO was held on 25-27 February. Almost in the subjects that previously good, I just fall it to pieces. English and Bio I only can earn 7 point from 10. Mostly it caused by my carelessness and the place that we used which is new. The English listening was difficult to hear.

English and Bahasa Indonesia Practical Exam

This is the most easy and difficult examination. However, I think I did pretty well compared to TO that was held the day before. This was held on 28 February, the last day of blue month in this year. The English and Bahasa Indonesia examination was about making essay, poem, letter, and job application letter.
In Bahasa Indonesia, I made an essay tittle "Branding Kepemimpinan", and a poem tittle "Siapakah Gerangan?". In English, I made a letter to somebody named Adam and told him about my experienced being a committee in an event called Heroes Day which is fake, the teaches did not tell me that the story must be real. Although when I read it I feel it pretty convincing, I'm pretty good in fiction.

That's all my experienced in this blue month. I hope in this March I'll get better in everything.

January 2013 Activities

So, instead of writing all of my activities in excel and report it to my Advisor, I think it will be better to write it down in my blog. So, if I want to read recollect it, I just easily open my blog and read it. Isn't good?


January is really flat month. Like another new month each year, my January didn't give me a big surprise. The only big rock in this new month is y Try Out 1 and SAT exam which was held chronologically, in 21st until 23th for TO (The popular abbreviation for Try Out). Then I had  SAT exam which was held in 26th this white month. The rest of these days I didn't remember anything particular.

03 Maret 2013

UNAS Makin Dekat

 Unas makin dekat. Satu bulan lagi dan semua usaha selama tiga tahun akhirnya akan ditentukan juga dengan ujian selama tiga hari. Meskiipun demikian, ternyata tiga hari ujian tidak akan menentukan 100% kelulusan siswa dari sekolah. Ujian Nasional hanya akan menentukan 60% kelulusan, sedangkan 40% nya adalah performa di sekolah yang diambil dari ujian sekolah. Meski demikian, berarti tetap saja kelulusan di Indonesia ditentukan oleh ujian.
Aku kurang tahu dengan negara lain, namun memang ujian selalu dijadikan ajang penentuan bagi kelulusan siswa. Berat memang, kalau sampai ada anak yang smart namun gagal di ujian karena dia punya masalah.
Disitulah tantangan dalam ujian nasioanl di Indonesia. Semakin dekat dengan ujian nasional, semakin banyak keringat dingin yang muncul, rasa deg degan, stress, atau parahnya lagi depresi gara-gara tidak dapat memenuhi target.
What about me? Do I feel the same about UNAS? Well, I should say it honestly that I feel anxious about UNAS. Like I’m not 100% prepared. My focused still divided by something I don’t know, maybe the university enrollment that caused it. However, I considered that the caused is come from inside my mind, which is really good in manipulating. So, from now on, I think the best way to save myself is to negotiate with my mind and give positives affirmation that will lead me to break the wall.
Still, UNAS one month again, I should be prepare for this war. Because UNAS is another war and I will win this time.

Don’t Know What Happened

Recently, I feel strange about myself because of something I don’t really know. Don’t ask me why. I just feel I’m lazier, and I can’t write anything more than 300 words in 15 minutes like usually I always do. I feel bewildered about this.
I wondered what happened with my true personal character, is it my failure in SAT affected  my personality? I hated being like this. I feel the weaknesses inside my mind. Like a dementor sucked my happiness and my hopes. Like I’m being depressed because of something I don’t know.
I wish I could find what happen with me so I could figure out how to overcome this and move forward. 

01 Maret 2013

British English

I always enchanted by British English. So, for the past three years I always try to search anything about British English, especially for the tutorial on how to speak with british accent or just listening in some video that use british english. So, finally I found a great video form You Tube in JacksGap's channel. He has great videos in many topics. the plus is that he has a beautiful and easy listening british english, and (for ladies only)*, *he has gorgeous face (I'm envy  )-:. So, just check this video...
This is only the example.