08 Maret 2013

SAT Math- Wondered

I just wondered why on earth mathematics always being the bugaboo for many students. For the REAL example is me. Like I was doing in SAT, I only can earn score 600 while my friends got it over 700. I'm really envy by their smart brain. Something that shocked me much is the fact that this 'hard' feel is not my own problem.
Look at the question in the picture. This question is not hard at all. It's easy, you just need to remember what the gradient is and how to calculate it. However, in here, 41% from around 18,000 students are RIGHT in doing this. Such a small number compared with one who made a mistake. It can be me who stuck in the 41% or it might be you. 
The only thing that we need in doing such question is carefulness and thinking creatively. 

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