04 Maret 2013

February The Blue

In this blue month, (don't ask me why I called February as blue, maybe I'll explain it later in my another post). I have many activities, dominant by exams for entire weeks.


In this month, I had Practical examination  for Biology, Chemistry, and Physic which was held in laboratory. Basically, we did some experiment to prove some theory or we just did it because the teacher want us remember the material by doing something, not reading it from the books.
This exam held on 9th February for Physic and Chemistry then 16th February for Biology.
Physic experiment was hard, I did it not perfectly because I forgot about the law in lens. Yup, I got the lens experiment, about the objective lens, ocular lens, and made a graph from it. I just awfully made the graph and did not succeed for it, whatever.
Contradictory with Physic, Chemistry experiment surprisingly easier and relaxing. I got an experiment about acid and base and the major concern is accuracy for the data. Moreover, I can ask some questions to the teacher about my experiment. 
Biology experiment was quite challenging because I never did it before. Photosynthesis experiment using an algae and beaker glass, and some substance which I forget by now. This experiment was full of waiting, because I need to put the plant in direct light and observed it. Beside doing that thing, I also observed some cells through microscope which is compulsory to each student. I did best in this experiment (I thought).

15th February

Actually, this day is the deadline for the overseas application to US university. However, since I did not passed the standard score for the SAT, 1200, I can not continue my apps. But, I hope I still can go to US, maybe college or even university itself, if some miracles happened. Just pray for me.

TO again

Finally, the second TO was finished and I know how bad my score is right now. I totally mortified my my lack of effort and laziness to do best in this second war of words. This TO was held on 25-27 February. Almost in the subjects that previously good, I just fall it to pieces. English and Bio I only can earn 7 point from 10. Mostly it caused by my carelessness and the place that we used which is new. The English listening was difficult to hear.

English and Bahasa Indonesia Practical Exam

This is the most easy and difficult examination. However, I think I did pretty well compared to TO that was held the day before. This was held on 28 February, the last day of blue month in this year. The English and Bahasa Indonesia examination was about making essay, poem, letter, and job application letter.
In Bahasa Indonesia, I made an essay tittle "Branding Kepemimpinan", and a poem tittle "Siapakah Gerangan?". In English, I made a letter to somebody named Adam and told him about my experienced being a committee in an event called Heroes Day which is fake, the teaches did not tell me that the story must be real. Although when I read it I feel it pretty convincing, I'm pretty good in fiction.

That's all my experienced in this blue month. I hope in this March I'll get better in everything.

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