25 April 2013

Eleven Grader's Drama

This is not official poster for the Magazine's Love. I can not get it

This night I attended drama performance by eleven graders in the hall. Once I enter the room, I can smell the eagerness and spirit shown by audience and the performer. The lights off but I can see the happy face among the students, waiting the next move by the actress on the stage. I gasp and mesmerize by the surprising act on the stage. It was awesome!
This drama actually is an assignment for their ESL (English as a Second Language) program for final project. Everyday, 2 classes will perform their story on the stage using English language. I'm so glad I'm this school because we use English as a active language and it just like my second language here. So, everybody understand this language and we do not need translators like a Chinese drama held a month ago.
I always looking for the drama they'll perform. Because each drama always serve a good story and add it with good humor and enchanting music. The drama I wait the most is The Starship and Magazine's Love. Unfortunately I can not attended The Starship drama due to my additional class for university selection. However, luck still in my side so in this night I'm more than happy to saw the Magazine's Love drama.
The story of Magazine's Love is not so special but I like it. It made me grin to saw the artist and actress couple performing a journalist who became a spy to a popular singer boy in a high school. Then they fall in love in the first sight. However, the problem arise when Afif, the singer, know that Nabila, the journalist, is a spy for him. So the conflict begun. However, after many twists and turns, Nabila quit from her job and then run to Afif tell him that she truly love him and didn't mean to make infotainment news about Afif. It was her boss who to tell her to did it. At first, Afif didn't believe it. After second thought, Afif believe her. In the end, they do kissing.
I really love the ending. They used silhouette effect, so actually they do not kiss each other. The silhouette did it. Nice trick!
I'm really glad to see this beautiful performance. I hope I can see it again.

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