11 Desember 2009

The upside down of Tali Putri Phenomenon in Simbiosis with Euphorbiaceae


Muhammad Abdul Manaf, Muhammad Aunu Rofiq
The upside down of Tali Putri Phenomenon in Simbiosis with Euphorbiaceae. MTsN Kediri 2
Advisor (1) Ahmad Jaelani.M.Pd Advisor (2) Enik Kurniawati, S.Pd

Key Words : Tali Putri, Parasitisme, Upside Down Fenomena, Cassava tree

Tali Putri is one of Parasite Obligate. On other hand, the researcher sees other phenomenon in Tali Putri parasitisme where Tali putri die when they live in Euphorbiaceae, that’s Cassava tree.so that, the research problems are why Tali Putri died in Euphorbiaceae and how are the comparative between growth and development of Tali Putri in Euphorbiaceae. The purposes of the research are to know how is the growth and development of Tali Putri in Euphorbiaceae and to compare with Beluntas, also looking for and which species happens upside down simbiosis fenomena. This research used five specieses of Euphorbiaceae, that’s Cassava tree (manihot esculenta Cra ntz), Jarak Kepyar (Ricinus communis L.) Jarak Pagar (Jatropha curcas L), and Euphorbia (Euphorbia milli Ch.DesMoulins). for cassava tree used two variant, those are Doro Ijo and Betik Urang.
This research is done in Gondang Village, Plosoklaten distric and kediri regency East Java. It was conducted for about five months. Starting on March 2008 till June 2008. The research methods are descriptive Qualitative with observation and literature study. Consult with the lacture from Brawijaya university in Malang. There are nine treatments of planting tali Putri to Euphorbiaceae.
The research findings show that Tali Putri can live in Cassava tree (manihot utilisma Pohl), jarak kepyar (jatropha curcas L). In Euphorbia (Euphorbia milli Ch. Des Moulins) Tali Putri can not live and stand on nine days. The most fertile Tali Putri is in Doro ijo cassava. Upside down fenomena happens in Betik urang Cassava. This differance in Euphorbiaceaeis the color of Tali Putri, degress of growth and development.

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