11 Desember 2009

Extract Pletekan Leaves (ruellia tuberosa) as the Alternative to reduce Diabetes Fate.


Safitri Nindya Kirana Sunyoto, Debita Tejo Saputri
Extract Pletekan Leaves (ruellia tuberosa) as the Alternative to reduce Diabetes Fate.
MTsN Kediri 2. Advisor (1) Enik Kurniawati,S.Pd Advisor (2) Nur Farida,S.Pd

Key Words : Pletekan leaves, Diabetes Fate.

Pletekan is kind of clump which doesn’t get any attentions from the sociaty. Mostly live at the edge of street and usually grow in rainy season. At this time, many people doesn’t understand yet the usage of Pletekan. Those are being bases of our research. We try to exploit Pletekan leaves in order it can be used by sociaty. Those become our background of our research.
Millitus diabetes is kind of deseas which has different Metabolic Glucosecaused by insulin reduction. Mellitus Diabetes can only be restrained by insulin injection and medecine in which more expensive price. It can be destruct our kidney with along used. So that, people need the cheaper alternative medecine to cure Mellitus Diabetes fate and doesn’t take side effect.
In this research, we used twelve rabbits as samples. Those are devided to be four variants. Each of contents three rabbits (A,B,C,D). A variant is the control in which we don’t do the treatment. B variant is given five grams Pletekan leaves. C variant is given ten grams. D variant is given fifteen grams. While, the main food is given leafy which the total consume is adjusted by the need of rabbit color each.
This reaseach was conducted for eight months starting on February 2008 till October 2008. The data collection is experimental to twelve rabbits as the samples. Then, analyzed and noted rabbits conditions before and after treatments. Such as attitude, weight,sugar’s fate, and total calory. Data collection is secunder done by literature study. The data is revised, reduction, analyzed, presentation of data, conclusion and research report.
Based on the research findings, we get the result : (1) Pletekan leaves is one alternativeto reduce sugar’s fate/ diabetes. (2) extract Pletekan leaves can reduce diabetes or sugar’s fate because it cause flaconoid. (3) Pletekan leaves can reduce the weight to obecity victims who get diabetes Mellitus tendency. (4) C variant is the best variant to reduce sugar’s fate for diabetes mellitus victims of other treatments/variants.

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