29 Juni 2014

Marhaban ya Ramadhan

I never expected that Ramdhan came like when I’m falling asleep. Slowly and then in total unconsciousness this holy month came to us.
This fist the first time I experience fasting without any assistance. In my home, my mother is the one who prepare for break and sahur. However, in my current state I should do everything by my own. Maybe this is what we called a process to be an adult. Considering I’m 20 now, I feel shocked nonetheless.
Yet this Ramadhan I feel like something missing. I can’t put my finger on it. I just feel it. Maybe the different ‘s atmosphere or maybe because of something else, like my lack of companies and friends in this new dormitory. Experiencing fasting not at hometown is drive me sad.
As you know I should endure this uneasiness because of I have my final exam ahead. Starting tomorrow I’ll have my final exam. After 12 days max I think I’ll go heading to home. I can not wait to be home and pursue pleasant activities like sleeping all the time and playing violin.

How I wish my final exam bring the best result so it will not disturb my holiday.

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