30 Januari 2012

IGCSE result finally announced

After waiting for so long time. Since November 2011, finally IGCSE result announced in my school today. Every feeling mixed up in my heart. Sad, afraid, happy, worried, but actually relieved because i knew my result.
Some of my friends happy because they got best result. But some of them sad and crying and some of them curse everything that popped out in their mind. God, the aexaminer, the time, and finally theirself. Me, i just trying to accept my mark.
I know this is not easy to accept our result after struggling for one month doing IGCSE examination. But this is our hard work result. This is the best outcome from God that He gave to us. Maybe this is bad, but it just start. It's not final. We'll not die beacuse our IGCSE is bad right? the key is just keep moving forward. Who knows after this we get big achievement? Who knows? He always have apaln to us.
Live is Drama

I'm really sorry for PSF, my school, my parents, my friends, my teachers, my senior, my friends, for everybody that i've said to us that i'll get A* but actually was not, and to my self. I'm really sorry. I'll try give my best trying for the next obstacles that come.

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