08 Januari 2010


Having a healthy body is a dream of everyone. The healthy body has a great value and can not be changed with anything. We can not buy it with our money. All you can do is take care of them. There are there ways to keep our body healthy.

The first, do exercise. We have to do exercise everyday, if we want to get a healthy body. It is not a must for us to join a fitness club or pay much money to get a healthy body. We ca do exercise by jogging around our house, cycling or other activities which can burn our fat and it also does not need much money to get the healthy body. It is very advantageous for our body. It also can be done by everyone.

The second., eat the nutritious food. Eat nutritious food is very important for us to keep our body become healthy. There are many kinds of the nutritious food, not only fish and meat but also vegetables, like spinach, tomato, cabbage, etc. We also can get cholesterol if we eat too much meat. And of course cholesterol is not good for our body. Beside that, we also have to eat regularly. Eat there times a day to give the strength for our body.

The last, sleep enough. Sleeping enough is an effort to keep our body become healthy. It is suggested for us to take a rest or sleep after we do all our activities. It is done in order to make our body become fresh again. We should not sleep too late at night or stay up and talk all night because it can make our body become tired the next day. It will make our body become easy to get sick.

The all steps above are the activities that we can do easily. Do exercise; eat the nutritious food and sleep enough are good ways to keep our body become healthy

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